3 Ways To Wear A Crop Top

So guysss, I typically am not one to wear a crop top…..but then I decided that I wouldn’t be able to for the rest of my life. The older you get, the more inappropriate they become. If you’ve got the confidence to wear one, do it! If you are unsure how to style one, maybe this post will help!


This Elodie crop-top is under $25 and what I feel to be super flattering. It’s perfect for the Spring time since it’s very light weight. It comes in light blue and white, as well as black and white. ALL SIZES STILL AVAILABLE in both colors! You can buy this top from Nordstrom Rack! The only thing I found to be very weird was that you can only see the top from their app. I tried searching Elodie on their desktop website, and it did not appear. Although…that link will take you to a super cute romper that is only $17 instead of almost $70! Holy moly it’s cute!!!


elodie top

This is the photo of the top on their app. Just search “Elodie” and it will be on the right hand side of your screen 6 rows from the top! If you live in the Spring/Woodlands/Shenandoah area of TX…. the brand new Nordstrom Rack opened in the Portofino Shopping Center, and this is where I purchased my top!


The jeans I am wearing here are also from Nordstrom Rack. They are made by STS Blue. These Hi-Lo frayed skinny jeans fit TTS and are so very comfortable! I’m wearing a 25 here. They are originally almost $70, but are going for under $40! My favorite part of the jeans are the hem. I like a little ankle and shoe show. Plus, since they don’t have a “short” option it solves my short girl problem. I’m a sucker for perfect fitting jeans and must I say…. I LOVE THESE BABIES!

For my belt see my Team Boy or Girl blog post! Belt still available in XS, S, M and L. It’s under $30 and it goes with everything!

The cross-body was something I bought from Nordstrom about a year ago or so. It’s made by Street Level who does not sale their items directly but rather have department stores sale them. I checked all stockists for this beauty, and CAN NOT find it. So here’s a link to one that I think is just as cute from Francesca’s and it’s under $40!


These adorable high-rise crochet laced shorts are found at Target (by Mossimo Supply Co). I’m obsessed with the fringed bottoms and the details of the shorts. They fit PERFECTLY! Size zero here. These beauties are under $20!

I’m obviously wearing the same belt as above.

The shoes I got SO long ago that I don’t even know how I still have them in my closet. They are made by Soda. So the closest shoes I found are below:

  1. Found at DSW (Moda Spana), these are even cuter than the ones I have on. They are currently under $50 and qualify for FREE SHIPPING!
  2. These are found on Amazon.com (DREAM PAIRS) and are under $20 with FREE RETURNS!

I think either of the above options would still look super cute with the outfit!

Lastly, you know the purse. I mean who wouldn’t! It’s all about the MK! Michael Kors does not carry this purse anymore, but like always Amazon.com to the rescue. This purse is about $270. Which I don’t have just laying around, so consider these options:

  1. This beautiful cognac satchel from Payless (Christian Siriano) is on sale from $40 to $30 and is similar to the Michael Kors. It’s the same color and has the metal snap to close. Setting it apart from the MK, is the pocket in the front which I would use for my phone or things that I need to access easily.
  2. You can also consider this Target (Universal Thread) satchel. The first option is more similar to the bag shown, but I think this is cute also. It’s under $35.


Obviously this is the same outfit as above, but changed the shoes, bag, and added sunnies to make this look more casual.

The shoes are Adidas and can be found at PacSun since they are not currently on Adidas website. They are super comfortable and fit TTS. At first the padding in the bottom of them made my feet feel weird, but I have since gotten used to it. These are currently under $60, and were originally $80. I recommend wearing them with no show socks for sure.

The purse is from Guess, but is OUT OF STOCK !! So if you like this outfit, just throw in some blush here and there. Here are a couple of purse options if you like the blush:

  1. This other Guess purse is the cutest thing I have ever seen. It’s definitely smaller, but I love it. It’s also under $60 and was $80.
  2. So even though this purse is $55……I think it is SO DANG adorable! It can be found at DSW (Aldo) and it would ship free!

The sunnies are from Sunglass.la and are only….WAIT FOR IT…..$11! It’s also under $3 for shipping! Can’t beat that.

It took me a while to be comfortable enough to even try on crop top, but step out of your comfort zone! Especially with this being so cute and stylish. Let me know which outfit was your favorite by commenting on my blog or sending me a direct message on my Instagram. You can find my profile at the very bottom of this page. Just click on the IG button!

Thank you for always taking the time to read and check in on what I have been working on. You are beauty. Beauty is you.

With Love,