Nordstrom Rack Sales!

Black Lace Top

  1. This cute Collared lace top is under $20! S, M, and L sizes still available!

ruffle maroon shirt

2. I love ruffles. This cute Ruffle Popover comes in three colors, and it’s under $30. This burgundy, a light pink, and black! Plenty of petite and regular sizes available! Burgundy sold out of petite sizes.

pink hoodie

3. Guys, who doesn’t love basic plain hoodies? I love them because you can just throw them on with a pair of leggings and tennis shoes, and call it a day! This $15 hoodie comes in this blush pink and a light gray. All sizes still available in BOTH colors.

thermal texture tee

4. This textured thermal is my style! I love velvet, but am always unsure how to wear it. I think this is just enough touch of velvet. Not too much or too little! It’s also under $20!

nike crewneck

5.  I know it’s not going to be cool for much longer, but I always love a good pullover. It was originally $45, and is now under $30!

knot tee

6. This is the cutest knot tee I’ve ever seen. I think it looks adorable with these high waist jeans! It’s under $20 and comes in 4 different colors! This foggy color, black, cream, and gray. All sizes still available in all colors.

front tie top

7. This striped knotted tee was originally almost $70!!!! It is now on sale for UNDER $20! It comes in this style and a lighter blue striped style also. All sizes still available!

KUT jeans

8. These KUT Jeans are just so cute! I am starting to appreciate the crop jeans more than regular jeans. These were almost $90!!! They are now under $40! All sizes available for petites.

9. I’m obsessed with Rock Revival! I know their jean quality is GREAT. These Fleur Rhinestone Jeans were almost $200, and are now under $60! Sizes 24-30 still available!!! I’m just so excited to share these with you guys!

aos black jeans

10. I have been looking for a pair of black jeans forever! Of course I’ve found several, but none that were decently priced. These cropped hem jeans are under $40!

11. Since Spring is coming up soon, I think this is a STEAL! These distressed shorts are under $30, and originally almost $80. You either love or hate the back pockets.

plaid pj pants

12. These plaid pj pants were $35, and are now under $10! Most colors are sold out, but this pattern and a star pattern still available! All sizes available in star pattern, and XS through L available in the pattern above.

pj shorts

13. These velvet pj shorts are under $10! I feel like I can never have enough pajama clothes.

champagne days of week

14. SOOOOOOO even though it’s only available in XS and S, I wanted to share this adorable “Days of the Week” sweater. It’s under $30!

pray for wine sweatshirt

15. PRAYYYY FORR WINNEEE. I’m in love! This sweatshirt is under $35! It’s also available in ALL SIZES! This is the cutest!

Hope you guys enjoyed some of my favorites from Nordstrom Rack’s site! I love Nordstrom, but Nordstrom Rack is more in my price range!

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