Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Hello Lovelies,

Valentines day is literally 2 and a 1/2 weeks away! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we are in 2018, and now we are talking about Valentine’s day. Time is flying. I know I also haven’t been as present as I should be on here, but school started recently and if I’m not ahead then I feel behind! Now that I’m caught up I wanted to share a little with you šŸ™‚

It’s always hard to try to figure out what to get your boyfriend/SO. So I figured I would put a list of a few things together for you to consider for your person! There are 15 items listed below ranging from $5-$85! Hope it helps someone!

steve maddens

  1. TheseĀ Steve Madden’s are $60 at Buckle. They can go with almost any dress shirt. Garrett has a pair and I think he looks absolutely adorable in them! He gets the MOST compliments on them as well. Great for a date night! šŸ™‚

oakley backpack

2. Not sure if your boyfriend/hubby works out or has to bring a change of clothes to work, but this is a great idea for someone who does either. It’s obviously fromĀ Oakley and is $65! Could also be a good carry on bag for frequent travelers.

fossil watch

3. ThisĀ Fossil watch was originally $135! It’s now on SALE for under $95. In better news, use promo code SAVEMORE for an additional 25% off. Making this beauty under $75, plus FREE SHIPPING!Ā So if your SO has been requesting a watch, you’re in luck!

fossil wallet

4. ThisĀ Fossil wallet and keyfob are also on sale! It was originallyĀ $98. Is now going for $30 less! You can also use codeĀ SAVEMOREĀ for the additional 25% off and get this gift set for under $55!

etsy flask

5. This Etsy flask byĀ The Personalized Gift is on sale for under $15! Shipping is $8.99, but I think it would totally be worth it! It has tons of 5 star reviews. You can pick from 15 different engraving styles too!

on the rocks

6. NO ONE likes a watered down drink. TheseĀ chilling stones avoid that entire process. Leave these babies in the freezer until you’ve had a long day and add them to your stiff drink. TA DA! No more watery whiskey for under $20.


7. You can also consider this low ballĀ YETI. Garrett and I both LOVE our low ball cups. We use them very often and it keeps our drinks just right! These babies are only $19.99Ā on their website.

wireless charger

8. If he is a Samsung Galaxy person like my husband is…consider thisĀ Pleson wireless charger. You can purchase this on Amazon for under $25. No more wires!

magnetic wristband

9. If you have yourself a handyman, this would be a great gift! Garrett was always asking me to hand him a nail while we were hanging photos/decorations. Should’ve thought of this sooner! You can find this magnetic wristband onĀ Amazon for UNDER $5!

beard king

10. Okay ladies, this could be a gift for him AND you! No more facial hair in those sinks. ThisĀ Beard King is on Amazon for under $30!Ā It comes in black and white.


11. TheseĀ Swift Run Adidas can be found at Nordstrom for under $85. My favorite part about Nordstrom is their free shipping and free returns. So if there is any fit problems, you can return with no problems!


12. You can ALWAYS consider getting him his favorite team jersey fromĀ NFL Shop. If he’s a Pats or Eagles fan…I would hold off for now. Of course they are more expensive since they are going to the Super Bowl this year. When I say favorite jersey, that goes for any sport of course!

working hands

13. Do you have a hard working man like man that will sometimes complain about cracked or rough hands. I highly recommend thisĀ O’Keeffe’s Working Hands. Garrett keeps this in the bathroom drawer. Definitely comes in handy during the winter time! You can buy it at Walmart, Walgreens, or Target for under $10!

ralph lauren joggers 14. I love theseĀ Polo Ralph Lauren joggers from Nordstrom. They are currently under $50. Once again, free shipping and free returns!


15. While we are on the subject of comfy, theseĀ Clarks house slippers from DSW are under $35! They come in this dark brown, a lighter brown (tan), and a gray color.

You can also consider DIY gifts. I was always a fan of making things for Garrett. Such as a gift basket. You could buy a few things listed above such as: the YETI lowball cup, the chilling stones, and the beard king. You could include some shot size liquors and mixers. Garrett like jack and coke, crown and sprite, or vodka and cranberry. You could then also include some of his favorite goodies. Garrett likes protein bars, Reese’s, and Sour Patch Kids. It’s always nice to put in a little more effort than just buying one gift.

Let me know if this helped you by commenting below! You are beauty. Beauty is you.

With Love,


P.S. IT WAS A BOY šŸ’™šŸ’™šŸ’™šŸ’™