Old Navy Sale!

Okayyyy so I did a poll on IG for if people liked Old Navy or not… the poll got outweighed by one..but I decided to do this anyways. For the people who are actually interested in good Old Navy finds this one is for you! Everything here you can buy for under $25! Also get an ADDITIONAL 10% off by using code “STYLE”.


  1. Faux Fur Vest – Was $40. Now under $20. All sizes are still available.


2. Rib Knit Bell Sleeve Sweater is now on sale for $20 from $35. Sizes small and up are still available!


3. Luxe Cardigan  – This beautiful cardigan comes in two colors. This mauve and a navy. It was $36.99, and is now $25.00! Don’t forget to use your code “STYLE” for an extra 10% off!


4. Semi-Fitted Henley – Is now going for $14.00! It’ll still be pretty chilly here in Houston for a few more weeks. We could all use one of these in our closet! It comes in 3 colors. This cream, a navy, and black! Snag yours now.

scoop neck tee

5. Scoop Neck Tee – This cute tee comes in 6 colors, and they are all $12.97! These tees were going for $20. All sizes are still available in gray. These babies seem to be going quick! I may snag one myself but in olive! This is the ONLY product that will not accept the code “STYLE”.


6. Semi-Fitted Striped Tee – This tee is going for $15.00! I loved a striped t shirt. All sizes are still available in this white and navy blue stripe. There’s also this White Semi-Fitted Tee that is going for $9.97! Large only.


7. THIIIISSSS IS MY FAVEEE FIND! Micro Fleece Pullover for under $10!!! It comes in 5 colors! Most sizes still available in black. XS-M in gray. I think it’s super cute, and it also looks super warm. I’m starting school tomorrow and I know they keep those rooms FREEZING cold. This will come in handy!


8. This Slub Knit Pullover Hoodie is only $12.00! This beauty was $23. It comes in 3 colors! This light blue, black, and navy blue. This looks lightweight, so would be good for layering with this back and forth weather we are currently having.


9. Grey/Black Plaid Button-Up going for $14.97! Everyone loves a cute plaid button up. It comes in 8 color options/patterns. Seems as if red and black plaid is popular and if you’re an XS, there’s one available for you! SNAG IT NOOOWWW!


10. I think this Crinkle Black Dress is adorable! It’s $19.97. XS, S, M, and XL are still available in this pattern. There is one other color. It’s white with black stitching. Still super cute, but I definitely look better in black. DONT FORGET CODE “STYLE”!


11. I love this Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress. I love love this navy! It’s on sale from $35 to $24.67! Sizes small and up are available. It also comes in a polka dot pattern if that’s your thing 🙂


12. This Cold-Shoulder Swing Dress is $15! Sizes small and up are still available. There are no “shorts” available, but regular and long are still available for purchase.


13. This Fitted Jersey Dress is only $15! Sizes large and up are still available in this gray. It also comes in blue and green stripes. It was also $30!


14. This Jersey Knit Swing Dress is on sale for $24 from $40! It comes in 6 colors/patterns. All sizes are still available in this beautiful cranberry color. Regular, tall, and petite are still available!


15. These Mid Rise Pixie Chinos come in 3 colors! This olive, a burnt red, and a mustard  color. They are on sale for $24.97! Sizes 6 and up are still available!

mid rise distressed jean

16. Mid Rise Gray Distressed Jean going for $25! They were $40. Sizes 4 and up are still available. I love gray jeans. It always gives a bit more of character to your outfit.


mesh pattern leggings

17. Who doesn’t love Mesh leggings?! This comes in this cranberry color and black! They were originally $33 and are now $22! All sizes are still available!

Well this was my first daily deal blog. Let me know what you think and if it was helpful at all. Thanks for taking the time out to stop by and see what the Old Navy fuss was about! I’m glad I ended up doing it as more people agreed that they like Old Navy than not! Hope you enjoyed! You are beauty. Beauty is you.

With Love,