Looking Back On 2017

Well 2017 was definitely a year to remember! So many good things happened to us! We bought a house, got a new car, went to Florida, and South Padre, TX. Garrett earned a raise, and is going to let me go back to school full time without any distractions! We have seen so many more ups than downs, and I couldn’t be happier with how the past year has treated us.

We went to South Padre, Tx in April. We stayed for a long weekend at the Best Western Hotel! They provide complimentary breakfast in the morning. From eggs and bacon to waffles and pancakes. It was mediocre, but hey it was FREE FIFTY FREE! Cannot beat that price. It was also WALKING distance from the beach. We drove of course since we had an ice chest, but there was also parking for us. Which is automatically perfection. We enjoyed some of the BEST pizza at D Pizza Joint. We met the owners and they were very down to earth! Good people and good food. The best food though was from Liam’s Steakhouse. Slightly pricy, but worth the cost if you want to have a little date night. They are only open for dinner 5pm-10pm, and they accept reservations. I would recommend dressing up slightly. Not too formal, but definitely not casual. The picture on the left was taken at Coconut’s Grill, and BOY did we enjoy the food and the nice breeze. Garrett had the guacamole burger and I had the jerk chicken sandwich. Garrett is a sucker for burgers, and this one was claimed under his top five. My jerk sandwich was DELISH and was super satisfying. They played reggae music too (mostly Bob Marley). Not to mention that view…like how fantastic is the view?! I recommend all of the above places if you want a small trip with your SO or family in South Padre. Yes it’s a 6 hour drive, but well worth it in the end.

We closed on our very FIRST home in September. We looked for about 3-4 months until making sure we had the perfect one. We had the most AMAZING realtor, Mrs. Esanet Benedict. She took the time to listen and pay attention to not only what we wanted, but to what we also needed. She NEVER pushed and always let us make our own decisions. The day of closing she got us the cutest gift and left us with the biggest smiles. We first saw the home as it was being built. They had JUST started. The walls weren’t even up, but something was telling us that this was the one. A perfect fit for a family of two. Three bedroom and two bath. We’ve been here for a little over 3 months, and we are absolutely loving it. Especially with it being 12 minutes from my parents, and 20 minutes from Garrett’s parents. We were so blessed to find this home and for it to also STAND THROUGH HARVEY. It was the perfect test to see if this was the house we were meant to be in. It stood strong with no flooding in the house nor in or around the neighborhood. We were also so blessed to have our storage unit stay high and dry during the chaos. Makes me feel so blessed, but so guilty at the same time. Harvey hit Houston and it’s surroundings HARD. Most are still recovering from it. Some are people I am very close to. Continue to keep Houston and it’s victims in your prayers as they are still rebuilding.

We went to Panama City Beach, Florida in November. We stayed at the Majestic Beach Resort, but booked through the Home Away website. The condo was nice! It was a two bedroom, two bath beachfront condo. As you can see the view was freaking phenomenal. There was some construction going on when we went so it was slightly confusing finding the place, but once we did, it was VERY easy to get around. The nearest Publix (their grocery store) was about five minutes away. The nearest mall was also an OUTLET mall! Like get out! It’s called Pier Park! The cutest boutique I found was The Florida House. I fell in love with everything there! We also both enjoyed Tilly’s. It’s kind of like a Pac Sun in Florida. We went to a couple restaurants like: Montego Bay Seafood House, and only one other that I can’t remember. I would recommend cooking at home for the most part. We heard great things about an Uncle Ernie’s restaurant, but never got around to trying it. I put meals in the crockpot in the morning and let them sit while we hung out at the beach. All in all, this was an amazing vacation for the books!


Just when I thought that my life couldn’t get any better, my amazing husband bought me a 2017 Ford Explorer. We were looking into getting a new vehicle a few months after the first of the year, but my car was giving us a little trouble. Garrett decided his wife shouldn’t be in an unreliable vehicle. We were at the dealership FOREVER, but were just grateful to drive off the lot with this beauty. I love this SUV! I attempted a Ford Edge and a Nissan Rogue which both didn’t really appeal to me. Luckily, when we went back this baby was still waiting for us to take her home! I am so blessed to have a husband that puts me above his own self. He is the BEST!

I also starting blogging this year. In nine days I will have been blogging for ONE month. No I’m not perfect. No I don’t have 100’s of followers. No I don’t have a photography camera….BUT I am having fun while doing this. I have a lot to work on and much to improve, but I plan to do my best and continue to have fun! Thank you thank you to those friends that have let me know that they read every blog. I appreciate you ladies beyond belief! You’re my biggest fans 😉 I promise to continue to do my best to keep you intrigued.

This coming year will be a great one! I just know it. It’ll be our first FULL year in our new home. I’ll be starting school again full time mid January to chase my dreams!  I’ll continue to grow as a blogger, and get to do all this while being by my husbands side. I couldn’t thank God enough for blessing us over and over again in this life. I couldn’t say enough thank yous. Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings! You are beauty. Beauty is you.

With Love,




  1. Sandra says:

    Such an amazing year, so proud of both of you!! And excitrs to sew whats to come!! Xoxo

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    1. You are so sweet Sandra! Thank you!! 😘😘😘


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