Sequin Vests and Kitties

Hello loveys,

I hope your Christmas  holiday was as wonderful as mine. Nothing beats hanging out with loved ones and stuffing your face. We played so many fun games from Christmas bingo to white elephant and the “unwrap the gift with oven mitts” game. If you haven’t played this game before you should definitely give it a try! Check it out at this website! I played the way the website explained, but with one dice. If you only have one dice, choose a number, and once that number is rolled, pass the gift! We chose the number 6! We also played with two giant balls of saran wrap and two pair of jumbo dice! The saran wrap ball also contained candy that dropped throughout unwrapping. The candy that fell while you were unwrapping the ball was yours to keep. ALSO! To make things interesting, if someone rolled double 3’s they could take a crack at unwrapping the ball WITHOUT the oven mitts! I just had a great time with all of my family and friends. I also hope Santa put some nice things under the tree for you.  🙂

I got these new Adidas EQT Shoes put under the tree. Might I say, they are mightyyy comfortable. TTS. I’m in love with the off white color, but these beauties also come in black. As far as I can tell all sizes are available, and they are 30% off.

Not even going to lie about my sweater being a men’s Old Navy sweater. It’s similar to this Blue Old Navy Sweater, which I think would also look cute with this outfit. If you want a cream sweater, try Nordstrom for this UNDER $30 steal.

My cargo vest was found at Buckle for under $50! My favorite part about this vest is the sequins found in the hood. This girl loves sequins!! XS, L, and XL still available. This vest is a washed out blue-gray and will pair with cream, browns, lighter grays, black. The list is never ending. It was totally worth the money.

My beanie is from Buckle also, but I could not find it on their website ): There’s this UGG hat from Dillard’s for $75 that looks practically identical to the one I purchased. For a cheaper option, consider this beanie made by Calvin Klein from Macy’s on sale for $22.80, and just as cute!

Also since it’s SOOOO FREAKING COLD in Houston, I am wearing my fleece lined leggings!! I got mine from Target a while back. These leggings are listed at under $20! Not going to lie though. After a few washes the fabric starts pilling. I researched and it states to wash these items inside out? Who knows. Or consider a nicer pair from Anthropologie for $24.00.

You can never go wrong with a navy blue scarf. This scarf is from Target. It’s also under $20! This is one of my favorite comfy, warm, and cute outfits of the season. I love the colors together!

I hope you readers enjoy the outfit. I also hope you enjoy the blogs and outfits I continue to post. You may notice my cat in one of my photos. He came right up to me while taking pics so I figured he wanted to be featured. He’s such a sweet baby.

Thank you thank you for reading and I hope you continue to follow me on this blogging journey. You are beauty. Beauty is you.

With Love,