Frill Neck and Heels

Isn’t this look just adorable? I wish I had a necklace that went with this outfit, but I thought it was super cute even without a necklace. Keep reading for where to find the outfit!

  1. Frill Neck and Him Sweater: I found this new adorable sweater on SHEIN. It’s on SALE for $21.00. Marked down by 50% from $42.00. This is a size small, and it actually runs big. I would recommend getting a size smaller than you actually are, unless you prefer the room. I will also mention that this sweater is a little scratchy on the inside, so I also recommend wearing a tank underneath to keep from being slightly uncomfortable. HEY!, just keeping it real with you guys.

I’ve also attached a few other sweaters I believe would go great with these jeans and heels.

  • J.O.A. Strappy Sweater from Nordstrom is SUPER cute! They show in the photos that this sweater can be worn 1 of 2 super adorable ways. This sweater is also 40% off!
  • This Knit Sweater from Buckle is very pretty. I always love a dark tan. They call this color “biscuit.” 

2. Blue Jeans: These blue jeans are made by the well-known Rock Revival ! I am obsessed with their jeans. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stitching in most denims they make. I got the jeans in the picture over 2 years ago so I have listed links to jeans I also think would be super cute with this sweater.

  • YVEA S200 Skinny Cut Jeans  although these have more of a wash to them, I still think they are fabulous!
  • Lam Skinny Stretch Jean I adore the pockets on these jeans! If you got no backside like me, I recommend getting the flap pocket jeans for sure. But SHHHH!, it’s our little secret!

3. Heels: Who doesn’t love a pair of pointed toe, nude pumps?! These beauties are made by Jessica Simpson. These bad boys can even be found on amazon! Do I even have to mention shoes in 2 days?! Didn’t think so! They are a little pricey, but so worth the money. I will warn you readers that they were slightly uncomfortable until I broke them in. Momma always taught me, beauty is pain! SO ROCK IT GIRL….

4. Tan Watch: It’s just a simple cheap watch from Charming Charlie. Once again, not found online currently. So I have attached other higher quality watches for you to consider.

  • Macy’s actually has some cute watches in stock. First watch is made by Anne Klein for $48.75. Second watch is by Fossil which is a little more costly. The color is a little darker than the watch featured, but still very pretty.

Make up and hair done by yours truly. May start posting about hair if enough people like the style and are curious. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

With Love,