Breaking the Ice

Hello readers, my name is Ashley Barber. Breaking the ice is always hard. Annoying rather. Especially sitting in class with thirty students and having to tell them how old you are where you are from and what you want to do….. but here I am doing just that. I am excited to announce that I will be joining the blogger world. Not 100% sure what I will be doing on here, but will just do what the heart feels. I am 24 years old and have been married for two years this past October. No, we do not have kids yet. Yes we plan to, but just not the right time for us. My husband works as an operator for a refinery company. I have been blessed by God to have him be able to support us while I am going back to school full time in January. I have been in and out of college the past year and a half or so. I’ve been trying to decide what in the world to do with my life! I started out as a server that just wanted a steady pay check, so I looked into becoming a medical assistant. Nine months later I became just that. I worked for a dermatologist. One of the SMARTEST ladies I have ever met! Super inspiring. She was part of the reason I returned to school. I first returned to class to become a registered nurse. After taking all the pre-reqs and the HESI test, I decided I did not want to be a nurse. I have since decided that I would like to become a physician assistant in dermatology. Some may be asking why I wouldn’t just go the extra mile to become a medical doctor. Welllll, I prefer to be able to switch scopes of practice if I ever get bored. Endocrinology would also be something interesting to study! After a few years of making my money back from the money guzzling colleges, I could then consider going back to become a doctor. If I don’t change my mind in-between now and then! But I feel it’s important to change your mind. Change it and change it again until you are absolutely sure in your heart that it’s what you want to do. Don’t see it as time wasted. Sure I took all those classes and spent extra money, but I also learned so much along the way. It helped me learn what I truly wanted to do in life. People are so afraid of making mistakes when truly it’s the only way to learn. The next important thing to making mistakes is learning from them. Make a mistake and consider it a lesson, make the same mistake again, consider it a waste of time. Hold on to those lessons and never forget who you are or what you want. Stay tuned. You are beauty. Beauty is you.

With Love,

Ashley B